WP3- Development of 3D printed tools and moulds with imprinted electronics for plastics production


  • To develop 3D printing techniques focused on printing injection moulding tools and moulds for plastics products with imprinted electronics.
  • To use the newly developed intelligent tools for injection moulding of highly aesthetical, personalized, shape-challenging plastic panels with imprinting electronics.
  • Through improvement of in-mould electronics production processes, a decrease of costs and waste materials, improvement of the efficiency of use of the materials and energy – resulting in sustainable manufacturing techniques.
  • Improvement of the value of the end products, with the possibility of personalization per clients’ needs substantially faster, cheaper and more sustainable manner.
  • Development of an interregional ecosystem value/supply chain of partners and SMEs with the transfer of knowledge and technology to regional SMEs.
  • Ensure transfer of state-of-the-art knowledge to European SMEs, thus employing 3D printing in manufacturing as a new digitalization technique.

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