Optimisation of Production by 3DoP

3D Printed tools and moulds with imprinted electronics for plastics

The project builds upon four ‘packages of investment projects’, aiming each to unlock large investments enabling the optimisation of production through AM and increase productivity. Each package is driven by a ‘leading company’ and aims at addressing a pressing need or challenge related to optimizing manufacturing processes. Each package of investment projects consists of several associated ‘SME-led investment subprojects’ that are essential either in unlocking the investment made by the leading company or in adapting the SME’s products/processes to this investment. All projects within a package are contributing to an overarching ambition, which is related to lead company and SMEs’ needs in terms of smart, green and more competitive transitions.

The proposed packages will ensure impact maximization by bundling projects towards VC and leading companies’ needs. This proposal especially distinguishes by the fact that those working on the productivity of the print process of the specific application are pushed to look at the post-production workflow in a very early stage, which in turn will increase their proof of production on the topic of scalability and higher volumes. The learnings of the consortium on their factory set-up will result in some general standards & best practices and insights were differentiation is needed. In addition to this, specific activities (Challenges-Solutions-Funding Camp, Direct ‘one-to-one’ coaching, Support tool for investment decision) will aim at disseminating solutions developed and create spill overs among companies outside of the consortium. Such activities will take place within the regions covered by the consortium members as well as outside and will rely on 3DoP extensive ability to disseminate and active projects beyond the consortium.