TOUGH resin

High stiffness and high mechanical strength modules. It comes in natural, sand, blue, black, grey and red colours. This resin is dedicated for intermediate users and requires moderate postcuring conditions.

DENTAL resin

Formulated to minimize polymerization shrinkage while maintaining high mechanical resistance. Due to the specially selected group of raw materials, this resin proves itself when high precision printing combined with strength and environmental resistance is required. DENTAL resin is available in gum-like pink colour under the name GUM, and in bone tissue colour and structure under the name BONE.

CLEAR resin

Has been developed for use in areas requiring high transparency. Printouts obtained from this resin are transparent, and after polishing process, can be used as a lens material. This resin has moderate mechanical parameters.

ABSlike resin

Models printed from this resin combine high impact strength with the characteristics of a rigid material. They do not break when deformed, so they are ideal for the production of prototypes of moving parts of devices. The resin is available in black and grey colour.

All-in-one photopolymerization of eco-friendly hybrid resins in 3D low-cost technologies

Some said that technology causes more problems than it solves. Therefore, our technology is addressed to resolve the issues of 3D resin printing using novel solutions based on new functional photoinitiators. Our photoinitiators are a group of compounds that can be adopted in any 3D printing industry and fill a gap in the market that needs good and proven solutions. The scientific part of the project is based on the staff’s extensive experience in researching the kinetics of the photopolymerization process and developing new innovative cationic and radical photoinitiators. Thanks to the knowledge of raw material bases and experience in developing parameters of photosensitive resins for their applications, the company can offer its services in various industries using photopolymerization processes in the service of 3D printing.